Can I Just Change Dentists

Can I Just Change Dentists

Let’s face it, going to a dentist is frustrating – sitting in a dentist’s chair is unpleasant, and keeping your mouth wide open for hours is uncomfortable. If it were possible, we would all avoid going to a dentist for personal reasons.

However, these professionals are impossible to avoid as they’re at the forefront in maintaining our good oral health.

It is recommendable to visit a dentist at least twice a year. But can you just change dentists? Let’s find out.

Can you change a dentist?

If you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to change a dentist, the simple answer to that question is YES, you can. Changing a dentist can be influenced by various reasons such as moving to a new home, the opening of a new opening around your place of residence or workplace, the opening hours of your current dentist may not suit your needs, or unsatisfactory services from your dentist.


First things first, when you decide to change a dentist, the new dentist will ask you to fill out a registration form that gives your dental records from your previous dentist. If you’ve been reluctant to go for teeth checkup, it’s high time you look for a dentist doral fl with a special interest in treatment, and you’ll have a stress free experience as you look forward to maintaining excellent oral health.

Changing dentists as a result of an issue with the quality of care

If during your visits to a dentist something goes wrong as a result of negligence, you can decide to change and look for another dentist who will keep your overall health at heart.

Your health is your wealth and you can make a claim as you might be eligible for compensation. Most importantly, it is not mandatory to tell your new dentist why you’ve changed dentists; the decision is up to you.

Changing dentist mid-treatment

Tooth Pain

If you are unhappy and uncomfortable with the care given to you by your dentist, you can decide to change mid-treatment. The only thing you’ll need to do is to find another dental practice you’d be comfortable with and change straight away. The new dentist will request dental records from your previous dentist and pick up from there.