How Can I Build My Thighs Without Weights

How Can I Build My Thighs Without Weights

Most people assume that in order to build muscles, they require the aid of weights, but this is so wrong. If you’re interested in building your thigh muscles and fear using weights, then we stick around as I show you the different ways that can be used to help you achieve the desired results.

Having well-built muscles is essential, especially for sportspersons. But it’s also great for a man to have well-built muscles to show off. This source article will guide you on how to sculpt thigh muscles withouht lifting weights.

1. Walking Lunge


Simple but effective, you lunge forward as far as possible with your right leg, while your trailing knee brushes the floor.

2. Squats and Squat jumps and Squat Pulses

If you’re in a relaxation move, then squats are the best for you. Stand with your two feet apart and start the movement by bending your knees and sitting back with your hips.

Maintain an upright head posture, a straight back and your hands folded together.

3. Step Up

Have a box in front of you, and step onto it with one foot. You can do 12 reps on each leg.

4. Lunge Jumps

Lunge forward until your hind knee nears the ground. Jump into the air, bring your rear foot forward, and the front foot back. Repeat this severally.

5. Single-Leg Bridge

Two fit girls doing home workout performing lateral lunges at home

Back muscles can also be built when you lie on the ground at home. What you should do is lie flat, bend your legs. Move through your heels to press your hips upwards as far as you can, do this on 12 reps each leg but always rest for 30 seconds after each superset.

6. Bike rides

Bike rides are also a means of building muscle legs. But it should be done with moderation because it can quickly harden your muscles without making them muscular.

Building muscle legs can be easy and requires following up a particular set regulation that will help develop you in due time.