About Us


Are you into Mediterranean Dishes? Then we invite you to have a taste of what we can offer here at Restaurante Litoral. This company started a few years back to give people a variety of Mediterranean dishes that will satisfy the people of Denver. We want them to have access to delicious dishes that cannot be found elsewhere. How are we able to achieve this? Simple, by ensuring that our mantra is farm to table procedure. This implies that all of our ingredients are fresh every day. What we cannot cook for the specific day, we donate instead to those shelters which need it the most.

Restaurante Litoral is a restaurant that started a while back. We were first a food stand but through our great work and effort, we were able to put up a restaurant already in 2015. From just one in Denver, we were able to branch out in just two years time and that doesn’t stop there. This is because we are still planning to put up many branches in the United States to cater to the needs of the people here.

Restaurante Litoral is a family operated restaurant that was established by husband and wife Eliza and Izacar Mendoza. They chose to establish a Mediterranean restaurant because it is their family favorite. They love to cook and it is to their pleasure to see people enjoying the variety of dishes that they prepare. Because of this, it became their life goal to establish a food place that can be enjoyed by many. So far, they have succeeded. Now, they already have many that which is being managed by their family members. Do not anymore be surprised if you see them every once in a while as you dine in one of their restaurants. They are very hands-on in their craft.