I love the food here. Honest to goodness. They offer really sumptuous dishes here that I haven’t tasted before. The flavors they add to the food they serve are unique and delicious. Moreover, they also have here vegan dishes for those who have that particular dietary restriction. I came here with my friend who shifted already without me knowing to a vegan diet. I was surprised and I thought we needed to come to another restaurant so that there will be something available for her to eat. To my surprise, the hostess in this restaurant told us that they are actually serving already vegan dishes. She gave us immediately the menu. It is my first time to try a vegan patty and honestly, it tastes really good. Definitely, we are going back to this place again.


This place is superb. Their steak is really nice and the vegetables especially the lettuce is really crispy. With just one bite, you can already have an idea that the food they offer here is really fresh. It adds to the flavor which makes the whole dishes more delicious. What more is that the people here are very nice. They are very attentive and they are very polite in serving us. They offer us a lot of FREEBIES too which help us have an idea of what their other dishes taste like.


This place is among the most recommended restaurants for me. I love how their food tastes like and I really enjoy every bite. This gives you a feeling that they really give their all when it comes to the food they prepare. What more is that Restaurante Litoral will always give you discounts when you are subscribed to their email. They give you bonuses as well and good promos when it is your birthday.