Indian Cuisine: A Look at North Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is vast and there is a range of dishes specially prepared in different communities. Indian food is also influenced by dishes and cuisines from places like Tibet that are close by.

The North Indian cuisine consists of basic ingredients such as saffron, spices, peppers, curd, and meat. Such cuisine is popular not only in India but also in countries such as the US and the UK.

Mughlai cuisine

This type of Indian cuisine comes from the royal cuisine of the Mughals. Some of the famous dishes are Mughlai Chicken, Boti Kebab, and Murgh Kebabs Mughlai. There is a wide variety of restaurants in India that serve Mughlai dishes, and one of the best restaurants in the country for this is Karim’s in New Delhi.

Punjabi cuisine

This Indian cuisine can be found in Punjab and is a bit like the Mughlai cuisine of the northwestern border. These dishes are topped off with butter and ghee, which makes them even tastier and more appealing.

Some of the well-known dishes are Dal Makhani (black lentils), Tandoori Chicken, Rogan Josh, and Naan. The most famous drink is lassi (buttermilk). Restaurants all over India serve this cuisine, and you can try this cuisine at the renowned Punjabi by Nature restaurant in New Delhi.

cashmere kitchen

This cuisine can be found in Kashmir and is influenced by cuisines from Uzbekistan and parts of Afghanistan. This Indian cuisine uses a lot of yogurt, turmeric, and mutton, but the chefs cut back on the spices and onions.

Some of the popular dishes include Yakhein (a yogurt-based dish with chicken), Razmah Goagi (a combination of kidney beans and turnip), and Gaad (a variety of fish with radish). Kashmiri cuisine is not as popular as the other cuisines, so not many restaurants serve this type of food.

Rajasthan cuisine

This form of Indian cuisine originates from Rajasthan and was influenced by the Rajputs (warriors) and their lifestyle. Rajasthan is one of the driest states in India with very few food options and vegetables. This cuisine can be eaten without heating.

Some of the most popular snacks that are popular all over the country are Bikaner Bhujia and Pyaaj Kachori. Some of their dishes that can be found in restaurants in India are Daal-Baati (lentils), Badi (pastry soaked in a thick curry), Milk Cakes, and Laal Maans (mutton curry).

Food from Uttar Pradesh

This cuisine can be found in Uttar Pradesh, which is located in the northeastern region of India. Some interesting dishes from here are Palak Paneer (spinach curry with cottage cheese), Kofta (a combination of vegetables and flower bulbs soaked in a curry) and Dum Biryani. Restaurants all over India serve this food.

Indian cuisine has a number of versatile dishes that have a lot to offer the masses, and these dishes can keep your taste buds tingling for a long time.